Physical therapy for myopia

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Short-sightedness (myopia) is a disease in which a person sees objects clearly only up close. Depending on the degree of myopia, a page of a book that the patient is reading or an object a few meters away from the eyes can become a long distance.

Most people with this disease agree to wear glasses. Only because it will quickly solve the problem, returning, thanks to correctly selected lenses, the clarity of the forms of the surrounding world. But it is only necessary to remove the optical "crutches" and the world again becomes similar to the painting of an impressionist artist: a multi-colored plot without clear contours.

Causes and treatment of myopia

The causes of myopia, in addition to heredity, can be:

  • constant tension of the muscles that are responsible for the condition of the eyes;
  • prolonged stay in a closed room with artificial lighting;
  • consequences of transferred infectious diseases.

These reasons lead, first of all, to the weakening of the eye muscles, which require strengthening.

It is advisable in the case of the occurrence of myopia or its threat to resort to performing special exercises from the complex of physical therapy (PE), which is effectively used both for preventive purposes and in the case of treatment of a progressive disease.

Treatment of myopia with special exercises

Physical therapy is the most effective means of treatment, which is able to completely restore a person's vision and can allow him to stop using glasses and eye drops. Special physical therapy exercises can be performed by all persons who have myopia from mild to severe. However, there are contraindications - retinal detachment or retinal dystrophy. Therefore, first of all, if you suspect myopia, you should contact experienced doctors at a reputable medical institution. Only after a complete examination, specialists can recommend a course of physical therapy, its duration, intensity and an individual set of exercises.

When performing a physical therapy course, you should pay attention not only to the state of the muscles of the eyeball, but also to the state of health of the body as a whole. By performing strengthening exercises, a person increases blood circulation in the body, thanks to which all cells and organs are more saturated with oxygen, including the eye muscles and sclera.

A course of physical therapy requires discipline: exercises are performed in accordance with the recommendations of specialists, usually every day and in the prescribed amount.

Unfortunately, state medical institutions have weak technical equipment. As a result, the examination may be incomplete. As for our center, Viasan is equipped with the latest medical equipment, so diagnostics are performed quickly and comprehensively, and the center's doctors have extensive experience in this field.