In Ternopil, new methods of vision restoration are being implemented


In practice, the high efficiency of this method of treatment for increased visual fatigue, especially in people with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, has been noted. Better results of traditional therapy courses in children with low vision and strabismus when therapy combined with laser stimulation and classes on the "AMBLIOCOR-EYE™" device.

Also, this device allows you to significantly reduce the rate of visual acuity decline with the development of age-related farsightedness (presbyopia) and stabilize visual functions at a high level. For patients with various organic eye diseases (glaucoma, retinal dystrophy, optic nerve atrophy), the use of the "AMBLIOCOR-EYE™" device in complex treatment allows maintaining visual functions at the highest possible level for this pathology.

The method of carrying out the procedure is especially attractive, because it is not individual. It does not require volitional efforts from the patient, as conditionally reflexive methods of action are used, not related to a conscious process, which cause positive emotions (watching cartoons, movies, etc.).

The device for improving visual acuity "AMBLIOCOR-EYE™" helps to restore control over the processes occurring in the visual analyzer. It is this feature of the technology that makes it possible to obtain a high and stable result, moreover, in a relatively short period of time. The treatment course consists of 15-25 half-hour sessions, and when combined with other methods, 10-15 sessions are enough.

The AMBLIOCOR-EYE™ device is used in all cases of reduced visual acuity and is widely implemented in Viasan Medical Center as a new highly effective non-surgical method for the most common forms of pathologies, especially in childhood.