Ultrasound: when should do an examination


Frequency of ultrasound examinations

If you feel normal and have no complaints, ultrasound is not prescribed. A person visits a doctor at least once a year. It is recommended to be examined by a therapist, gynecologist or urologist, dentist. Other specialized specialists receive citizens with complaints about certain problems.

If a person's goal is to fully control his health and reduce risks to a minimum, a comprehensive ultrasound examination can be performed once a year - this will be quite enough.

Separate procedures for studying the tissue structure are prescribed when complaints appear. For example, if you feel a foreign object in your throat, you are concerned about coughing, hoarseness of your voice, you should go for a diagnostic examination of the tissues of this area - ultrasound of the thyroid gland.

Much depends on the age of the patient. Thus, after reaching the age of forty, ultrasound diagnostics of the organs of the abdominal cavity, genitourinary system, and glands of internal secretion are recommended to be done once a year.

Preventive examination should not be neglected, especially if serious deviations from the norm were previously recorded.

What to pay attention to

It is no secret that there are almost no healthy people left. Almost everyone has problems. The reason for this is untimely seeking medical help. Many complications and chronic stages of diseases could be avoided if people went to the clinic for examination on time.

What should you pay attention to in order to stay healthy?

Periodic examinations

Passing blood and urine tests for a standard set of biochemical indicators is the first and main step in determining the state of health. Once a year, such tests must be taken in any case. You will also need to undergo a chest x-ray (once every two years).

Ultrasound should be done in case of abnormalities, pain, etc. This diagnostic method does no harm, it is absolutely safe and allowed for pregnant women, children, and cancer patients.

Timely application for medical help

If symptoms of diseases appear, it is simply necessary to consult a doctor. It is dangerous to buy drugs, medicines, and take courses without a prescription. A simple person does not know many nuances about active substances and diseases, but a doctor will definitely take them into account.

Compliance with the recommendations of doctors

It is not possible to deviate from the doctor's prescriptions. If an ultrasound examination, taking vitamins, antibiotics, other drugs, diagnostic methods is prescribed, it is better to do everything as recommended by a specialist.

Healthy lifestyle and hygiene

The best prevention that will help you stay healthy is hygiene, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Abstaining from alcohol, smoking, and healthy nutrition are important elements of a person's life. When the body feels good, resistance to disease increases. There is only one thing left - to undergo periodic examinations in order to fully control the situation.

Minimum risks

No need to risk your health. During the active spread of respiratory infections, use protective masks when you go out in public places. Do not touch the mucous membranes with your hands, wash vegetables and fruits, check the quality of the products you buy.

If you learn to follow all these simple rules, serious health problems will not affect you. Bless you!