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Ultrasound of the urinary system

Ultrasound of the urinary system in Ternopil

Ultrasound of the urinary system is an important and mandatory method of diagnosing urological diseases. It is performed to assess the condition of the kidneys, bladder, ureters, urethra and prostate for men. It is in these areas that calculi, tumours, cysts and strictures are often found, leading to acute and chronic urinary disorders. Timely detection of diseases of the excretory system is an important factor in saving the health and sometimes even the life of the patient.

You can pass an ultrasound of the urinary system in Ternopil at the Viasan Medical Centre.

By appointment.

The essence of the procedure

The essence of the ultrasound diagnostics is about the ability of ultrasound to pass through different tissues of the body, differently reflecting from structures of different densities. The images are perceived by a sensitive sensor and are visualized in real time on the screen of the ultrasound scanner monitor with the help of a special program.

Ultrasound examination of the urinary system allows:

  • to assess the size and position of the urinary tract;
  • to detect tumours, cysts, narrowing of the ureter and urethra;
  • to diagnose infections and foci of inflammatory processes of the parenchyma.
  • to identify developmental anomalies;
  • to set the volume of residual urine;
  • to differentiate tumours;
  • to detect kidney stone disease;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing therapy.

The onset of some urological diseases (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis) may be asymptomatic or without an obvious clinic. Diagnosis usually ends with a urine and blood test. People often address to a specialist only when there are irreversible changes in the organs. Treatment in such cases is very difficult and long. Therefore, urologists recommend preventive screening of the urinary system at least once every 1.5 years. This allows to detect the disease at its beginning and avoid the development of irreversible complications.


Ultrasound of the urinary system is prescribed for:

  • low back pain;
  • accelerated urination;
  • the presence of blood in the urine;
  • suspected tumours;
  • symptoms of renal colic;
  • inflammatory processes and infections;
  • acute urinary retention;
  • periodic blood pressure increase;
  • kidney stone disease in an anamnesis;
  • bladder injuries;
  • metabolic diseases (diabetes, gout);
  • low-grade fever for a long time;
  • abnormal blood and urine tests;
  • accelerated urination during pregnancy.


2 days before the screening, the products that promote gas formation are excluded from the menu. The scan is performed when the bladder is full, so 30 minutes before scanning, drink 1.5 litres of water and do not urinate. To determine the volume of residual urine during the prostate examination men will need to empty the bladder.

How it is performed

The patient lies on the couch. The abdomen, sides and waist should be exposed. A gel is applied to the skin to facilitate the sliding of the sensor, which is moved in the projection of the urinary system organs. Ultrasound waves, reflected from the kidneys, bladder and neighbouring organs and tissues, form an image on the screen. The obtained data are put down in the protocol, the conclusion is made.

Ultrasound of the urinary system in Viasan: benefits

In our medical centre, ultrasound is performed on a premium device Logiq P9 (General Electric). This is professional equipment used in leading clinics of the United States and Europe. At your service:

  • licensed medical centre;
  • qualified diagnosticians;
  • own laboratory;
  • quality service.
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