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Ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland in Ternopil: Viasan

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland is a highly informative technique for the primary diagnosis of endocrine and tumour pathology. It allows to evaluate the localization, shape, size, structure of the thyroid gland, identify nodes, cysts and other formations, examine the blood flow, regional lymph nodes, obtain the necessary information for the diagnosis of malignant tumours. Since thyroid disease occurs without pronounced specific symptoms, it is important to do preventive ultrasound screening once a year. This is completely safe and allows to identify the problem at its very beginning.

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The essence of the procedure

The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of iodine-containing hormones and the accumulation of iodine. Its well-coordinated work is necessary for the normal functioning of the whole organism, and violations can provoke a number of serious diseases, including thyroid carcinoma, autoimmune thyroiditis, Graves' disease, adenoma, cretinism, etc.

Ultrasound shows:

  • location and shape of the organ;
  • parameters and volume of each share;
  • total volume of shares, isthmus;
  • focal formations (nodes);
  • the nature of the organ structure (echogenicity);
  • state of blood flow and lymph nodes;
  • displacement of organs adjacent to the gland (trachea, blood vessels, nerves).

Normally, the thyroid gland has a dense capsule, light and uniform in density tissue. Hypoechogenicity is reflected as dark areas while hyperechogenicity as light ones. Both options indicate pathology.

Ultrasound of the thyroid gland in our centre is performed on a modern Logiq P9 scanner, which can be used to obtain three-dimensional images and perform Doppler. This allows to literally look inside the organ, assess blood circulation, the state of blood vessels, and identify microscopic changes in the tissue of the gland.

Ultrasound allows to visualize the parathyroid glands. If they are found outside the capsule of the thyroid gland, a biochemical blood test for ionized calcium is recommended.


Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland is recommended in case of:

  • problems with swallowing;
  • sensation of ‘lump’ in the throat;
  • visual enlargement of the organ;
  • cough, shortness of breath;
  • increase and soreness of the lymph nodes;
  • interruptions in heart rate;
  • unreasonable weight gain or loss;
  • prolonged subfebrile temperature;
  • emotional imbalance, apathy;
  • hair loss, increased fatigue;
  • hyperhidrosis (sweating), bouts of trembling;
  • after surgery and radiation therapy;
  • deviations from the norms of indicators of the thyroid panel;
  • some pituitary disorders;
  • to understand the causes of infertility;
  • at the stage of pregnancy planning.


Not required.

How it is performed

A patient lies on the back, head up. A roller is placed under the shoulders to improve visualization. The neck is freed from clothing, jewellery, gel is applied to improve gliding. The diagnostician moves the sensor in the projection of the gland and regional lymph nodes, studies the visualized image on the monitor. The conclusion is made. A protocol is filled out.

Advantages of ultrasound in Viasan:

  • licensed medical centre;
  • modern scanner Logiq P9;
  • experienced diagnosticians;
  • own laboratory;
  • possibility of online consultation.
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