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Consultation of a surgeon

Consultation of a surgeon in Ternopil

Consultation and help of a surgeon may be needed in a long list of pathologies of tissues and organs of any localization, both acute and chronic. Surgical intervention is often the only correct treatment for diseases of soft tissues, blood vessels, organs of the chest and abdominal cavities, pelvis, as well as endo- and exocrine glands. At the consultation, the surgeon identifies or excludes a problem in the field of his competence and answers the main questions:

Do you need a surgery or not? If necessary, when (urgent or scheduled)? By what method (outpatient or inpatient)?

At the consultation, the surgeon refers to the examination, makes a diagnosis, assesses the risks and prognoses. A timely consultation with a surgeon followed by competent treatment will allow a person to preserve his ability to work, health, and sometimes life and its quality. Specialists in this field have extraordinary knowledge and skills, so it is no exaggeration to say that a surgeon is the most important doctor.

Consultation of a surgeon in Ternopil, Viasan Medical Centre.

Qualified and experienced specialists of general direction and narrow profile.

When is consultation of a surgeon necessary?

A surgeon's examination may be necessary on a planned or urgent basis. His consultation is necessary for:

  • purulent-inflammatory processes of soft tissues, skin and its appendages (nails, hair, sebaceous, sweat glands). Among them are boils (furuncles), carbuncles, abscesses, ingrown nails, calluses, inflammation of the sebaceous gland (hydradenitis), etc.;
  • wounds (deep, purulent or those that do not heal for a long time);
  • torn, punctured, infected wounds, wounds with penetration of foreign bodies (glass, etc.);
  • injuries with damage to the musculoskeletal system, large haematomas;
  • appearance of swellings, compactions, inflamed, painful areas of unclear aetiology on the body;
  • burns (thermal, chemical), frostbite;
  • occurrence of pain of any intensity in the abdomen, lower back;
  • presence of blood in urine, faeces, problems with urination;
  • signs of varicose veins;
  • nausea, vomiting with discomfort in the abdominal area;
  • bites of animals or rodents, detection of ticks (Ixodida) on the body.

Emergency consultation of a surgeon is necessary in case of:

  • sharp pain in the abdominal area that does not subside or worsens;
  • bleeding from the anus or vagina;
  • acute urinary retention;
  • blunt abdominal injuries;
  • traumatic damage to the perineum and genitals;
  • nausea, vomiting, pain and discomfort in the projection of the organs of the digestive tract;
  • extensive injuries of soft tissues, burns, frostbite, accompanied by a general deterioration of the patient's condition;
  • entry of foreign objects into internal body cavities (intestine, stomach).


Consultation of a surgeon does not require special preparation. Exception is for scheduled examination by a proctologist. In this case, the patient needs to thoroughly clean the intestine.

How to get a consultation with a surgeon?

The surgeon's appointment is available through the institution's registry office or the contact centre.

How is it going?

The appointment takes place in the surgical room of our centre, which is equipped with everything necessary to provide primary surgical care. The surgeon's consultation includes:

1.   Interviewing the patient and taking an anamnesis.

2.   Physical examination, palpation.

3.   Referral for additional necessary examinations (ultrasound, radiography, Doppler ultrasonography, laboratory tests, consultations of a narrow surgical specialist (phlebologist, proctologist, vascular surgeon, etc.).

4.   Provision of first surgical aid (dissection of an abscess, treatment of a wound, removal of a foreign body, application of sutures, etc.).

5.   Prescription of treatment, further recommendations.

6.   Referral, if necessary, to inpatient surgical treatment.

Advantages of surgery at the Viasan Medical Centre

  • Modern multidisciplinary medical centre.
  • Qualified surgeons of expert level.
  • Own surgical centre and clinical diagnostic laboratory.
  • Consultation of a surgeon, primary 500.00 uah Make order
    Consultation of a surgeon, repeated 400.00 uah Make order
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