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Laser hair removal for men

Laser hair removal for men in Ternopil

Modern men, no less than women, want to have an attractive appearance. The image of a beautiful ‘hairy macho’ is outdated, and hairiness is already perceived as a sign of untidiness. The gentleman with decent manners is distinguished by neat skin and fresh scent. Dynamic laser hair removal for men is the perfect solution to dispose of annoying body hair. It can be made in our centre on the modern MOTUS AY laser device.

Tired of constant shaving and bristles? Not happy with a hairy torso?

Laser hair removal in Viasan, Ternopil. We will remove hair where you want!

Laser hair removal for men means getting rid of unwanted hair anywhere. According to the client’s desire, such zones can be treated: face, neck, shoulders, armpits, arms (up to the elbow, or completely), hands, chest, abdomen, back, sacrum, deep bikini, pubis, buttocks, intergluteal cleft, shins, knees, hips, the back of the foot, legs completely.

How laser hair removal goes

Laser hair removal for men takes place according to the standard scenario in 3 stages:

1. Consultation

At the first visit, the condition of the skin is examined, its phototype and hair texture are determined, the client's wishes are carefully clarified. If the skin is prepared properly and there are no contraindications, a trial test with a laser flash is performed before starting the procedure directly.

2. Laser hair removal for men

There is no difference between laser hair removal for men and for women. The only one feature is that the specialist has to work with a larger surface of a man’s skin. It requires particular skills and patience. Therefore, such a procedure is best to be done by professionals in a reliable medical centre. Before the session, a gel-conductor is applied to the skin to improve the sliding of the laser nozzle. The patient is placed in the right position, goggles are put on his eyes. Individual laser parameters are adjusted.

Male laser hair removal: breaking stereotypes

  • ‘Not man-style’ – Well-groomed men are increasingly in trend. Excess body hair is unaesthetic, unhygienic, uncomfortable and troublesome.
  • ‘Painful’ – Professional alexandrite laser Motus AY with built-in cooling system has solved this problem.
  • ‘Too long’ – Not anymore. Only 6-8 sessions of progressive dynamic hair removal with the best MOVEO technology will dispose you of annoying hair forever.
  • ‘Harmful’ – The procedure is safe. The laser beam affects only the hair follicle and is completely harmless to the dermis.

3. Rehabilitation

There is no rehabilitation. After laser treatment, regenerating cream is only applied. The next day, the man can go in for sports, visit the gym, pool or dance floor.

Preparation for the laser hair removal 

A few days before visiting the laser hair removal room, the body areas should be carefully shaved with a razor. It is recommended not to lubricate the area which is going to be treated with oil and alcohol based products 2 weeks before the session.

You should refrain from:

  • tanning in the sun or in the solarium;
  • taking antibiotics of the tetracycline group, fluoroquinolone;
  • tattooing on the relevant part of the body;
  • removing hair from the epilation area by different methods (except using razors).

The result after laser hair removal

An excellent effect that a man will appreciate immediately after the first session. However, to get rid of unwanted hair completely another 6-10 visits to the laser room are necessary. This is required for the final removal of previously ‘sleeping’ hairs. The condition of the skin also improves, rashes and pimples, which were provoked by excessive hair growth, disappear.

Advantage of Viasan: we have the best for you

In our centre, men's hair removal is performed on a professional device MOTUS AY (DEKA) using the revolutionary MOVEO technology ‘hair removal in motion’. Regardless of the light sensitivity of the skin and hair pigment, this procedure has an excellent result. Experienced masters perform laser hair removal in a certified clean and cozy office.

Motus AY (with MOVEO technology):

  • versatility – suitable for all skin and hair types;
  • painless – absolute comfort during the procedure;
  • high speed – 100 cm2 of skin is processed in 15-20 seconds;
  • the opportunity to sunbathe after the procedure.

The unique device is also used in the treatment of acne, removal of pigment spots and skin rejuvenation.

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