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Laser hair removal for the hands

Laser hair removal for the hands in Ternopil

Laser hands hair removal is usually just a necessary measure. Hands, as well as face and neck, are open parts of the body that should always look attractive and tidy. Men, no less than women, suffer from pronounced vegetation on their hands. Excessive hair is often the cause of discomfort for people of certain specialties, where the hands are in the foreground (for example, a business coach or a dentist). The ideal solution to this problem is laser hair removal on Motus AY device by Deka.

Love your body, make your hands smooth. Fast, long and painless.

Viasan Medical Centre, Ternopil. We are at your service!

What is the procedure of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal for the hands in our medical centre takes place in three stages:

1. Consultative reception

The specialist examines the areas of the patient's skin that are exposed to the laser. The presence of contraindications to the hair removal procedure is being clarified. The absence of papillomas, warts, cuts, infectious and allergic skin diseases is determined. According to the phototype of the patient's skin, the parameters of laser exposure are selected. Before the procedure, the test is conducted to assess the condition of the skin after a test flash.

2. Laser hair removal for the hands

Laser hair removal can be divided into procedures in different areas:

  1. shoulders (from shoulder to elbow);
  2. forearms (from elbow to wrist);
  3. hands;
  4. phalanges of the fingers.

Before the session, a gel conductor is applied to the treated areas. This is necessary to facilitate the sliding of the laser nozzle. The necessary parameters are set depending on the phototype of the skin, hair colour and structure. How it happens:

The pigment melanin is present in the hair, which dyes it in one of the colours. Properly selected laser radiation affects only melanin. When heated, the hair heats up, heat energy reaches the hair follicle and destroys it. Hair with damaged roots stops growing.

The alexandrite laser with a sapphire tip on the Motus AY device is able to perfectly cope with the main task of hair removal – to affect nothing else but melanin.

3. Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation period after dynamic laser hair removal is absent, which is a huge advantage. The skin of the hands is only lubricated with a cream that regenerates cells. After the session, the patient returns to his normal life.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal

Preparing for laser hair removal for the hands is simple and does not take much time. For maximum effect before removing hair on the hands on the Motus AY device it is required:

  1. 1 day before the procedure or on the day of the procedure, shave the hair on your hands.
  2. 2 days before epilation, do not apply any cosmetic oils, creams or alcohol lotions on the treated skin.
  3. 3 days before the procedure, refrain from active tanning and solarium.

The result after laser hair removal on the hands

The result of the laser hair removal procedure for the hands is noticeable after the first session. For complete hair removal from the hands you need 6-10 procedures. For people with dark hair and less hair, the number of procedures is much smaller. The recommended interval between the first procedures is 1 month.

Then you can visit the laser hair removal office less often, after 1.5 or 2.5 months, removing single hairs that were in the sleeping phase during the previous hand epilation session. To maintain perfectly smooth skin on the hands, it is recommended to perform a maintenance procedure once a year.

Well-groomed hands with smooth skin are attractive and hygienic.

No one will argue that hairless hands have a neater and more aesthetic appearance, and the expression ‘hairy hand’ has lost its original meaning.

Have nice hands!

Dynamic laser hand hair removal using MOVEO

At the Viasan Medical Centre, Ternopil, hand epilation is performed on a Motus AY device by the Italian company Deka. Extensive capabilities of professional laser equipment allow you to remove hair of any texture in any area of ​​the body, even on very sensitive skin, without pain.

Our specialists use an alexandrite laser with a sapphire tip and a unique cooling system, recognized in the world as the most effective and comfortable for hair removal.

Advantages of MOVEO:

  • suitable for everyone (any skin phototype and hair colour);
  • has a quick result, easy execution;
  • painless (thanks to the cooling system);
  • record speed – ‘epilation in motion’.

Equipment for laser hand hair removal at the Viasan Centre has all the necessary official permits and regulations.

  • Laser epilation of shoulders 800.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of armpits 500.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of hands (hands) 350.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of hands (up to elbows) 800.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of hands completely 1000.00 uah Make order
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