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Ultrasound of soft tissues

Ultrasound of soft tissues in Ternopil

Soft tissue ultrasound is an informative, accessible and safe method of diagnosis. It is widely used in surgery to verify various formations localized in muscles, skin, subcutaneous fat and connective tissue structures. It is intended to obtain clinically important information about the size, structure, nature, location, speed of blood flow at the site of the lesion, which is also an important diagnostic feature.

Ultrasound of soft tissues in Ternopil can be performed at the Viasan Medical Centre on a modern Logiq P9 device from General Electric.

By appointment.

The essence of the procedure

Soft tissue ultrasound is a non-invasive perspective technique that allows to visualize with high accuracy various pathological processes in the soft tissues of any part of the body. The method is based on the ability of ultrasonic waves to pass through different tissues of the body, differently reflected from structures of different densities.

Ultrasound of a given frequency with the help of the program is converted into 2- or 3-dimensional image with digital parameters to the nearest millimetre. This allows to study the smallest detail of the pathological process.

Ultrasound diagnoses hernias, tumours, abscesses, hematomas and other formations located deep in the soft tissues. With the help of ultrasound, you can assess the condition of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and lymph nodes.

To get more accurate diagnosis, ultrasound of soft tissues with elastography is prescribed. Assessment of tissue stiffness is important for the differentiation of tumours.


Ultrasound of soft tissues is prescribed as an emergency or routine examination in case of:

  • suspected malignant process;
  • diagnosis of hernia (inguinal, umbilical);
  • traumatic soft tissue injuries;
  • various pathologies of muscle tissue;
  • diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • study of various formations in soft tissues (hematomas, cysts, lipomas, hygromas, atheromas, haemangiomas, abscesses, phlegmons, etc.);
  • injuries, edema and any seals;
  • lymphostasis and connective tissue pathologies (Baker's cyst);
  • clarification of previously established diagnoses;
  • diagnosis of rheumatic diseases;
  • control of dynamics of conservative and operative treatment.

Biopsy and some medical injections are performed under ultrasound control.


No special preparation for soft tissue ultrasound is required; there are no contraindications. It can be performed at any time, an unlimited number of times, for any category of patients.

How it is performed

In the ultrasound room by a doctor-diagnostician. The patient is comfortably seated on the couch in the position required by the procedure. The area of ​​the body to be examined should be free of clothing, and the skin should be treated with a special gel to improve contact with the sensor.

The doctor scans the area step by step. To do this, he moves a sensor on the body and examines the image on the screen of the device. On the basis of the received data the conclusion is made. A medical protocol is filled out. There are no unpleasant sensations during the examination.

Ultrasound of soft tissues in Viasan: advantages

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