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Selection of glasses for vision

Selection of glasses for vision in Ternopil

If glasses are chosen for vision correction, it is important to choose them correctly. It is almost impossible to do it yourself, without the help of a doctor, because the independent choice of dioptres and quality of lenses can often only harm the eyes and aggravate already existing vision defects.

glasses for vision selection ternopil

Who needs to wear glasses?

Vision correction using glasses may be prescribed in the presence of such vision defects as:

  • astigmatism;
  • myopia;
  • farsightedness;
  • presbyopia, etc.

Often there is a need not for correction, but for vision protection, which also requires wearing glasses (e.g. constant work at the computer).

In favour of the glasses are their ease of use and relatively affordable price (although the price of the glasses may vary depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the lenses and frames). It is worth remembering that glasses do not always provide ideal quality of vision, require special care, and playing sports or active work in them is completely impossible. However, the patient must inform the ophthalmologist, who prescribes and selects the method of vision correction, about all the features of his lifestyle.

It is not possible to use glasses in the case of anisometropia – the difference in clinical refraction between the eyes is more than 2 dioptres. Patients whose work requires increased concentration of attention and the widest possible field of vision or is associated with moving mechanisms may also experience limitations in the use of glasses. Glasses are is also forbidden for those who work at height.

Selection of eyeglass lenses

Lenses are the part of glasses that is responsible for the health of the eyes. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose them correctly with the help of an optometrist. You need to buy lenses only in specialized optical stores.

If earlier lenses for glasses were made exclusively of glass, today there are polymer glasses next to glass ones on the optical market. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages: glass is more durable, and plastic is thinner, lighter and has a more aesthetic appearance. The coating of the lenses also plays an important role determining the functionality of the glasses.

Selection of the frame

The frame is the part of the glasses responsible for the beauty and comfort. Usually, patients choose the shape, material, and colour of the frame very demandingly. However, a very important factor is its size. After all, glasses should not ‘sit’ too loosely or squeeze the head too much. In the latter case, using glasses can lead to constant headaches.

Selection of glasses at the Viasan Medical Centre

Qualified ophthalmologists of the Viasan Medical Centre in Ternopil carry out the selection of glasses for any purpose. The selection takes place after diagnosing the patient's vision, determining probable deviations and features of the visual system, taking into account the age, profession, and activity of the person. Specialists of the centre will provide detailed recommendations for the care of glasses and prevention of eye diseases.

  • Selection of glasses (ordinary) 300.00 uah Make order
    Selection of glasses (astigmatic/office/progressive) 400.00 uah Make order
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