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Ultrasound of the lungs

Ultrasound of the lungs and pleura in Ternopil: Viasan Medical Centre

Ultrasound of the lungs and pleura is an informative available method for diagnosing pulmonary pleural pathology. It is a safe alternative to computed tomography. It allows to detect even the smallest changes in the lungs and pleural cavity, to verify various diseases, including COVID-19. Ultrasound of the lungs in Ternopil can be done at the Viasan Medical Centre, Medova Str., 12.

Ultrasound of the lungs, pleura, chest. Premium scanner Logiq P9 from General Electric. Experienced diagnosticians, instant result.

Ultrasound diagnosis of the lungs is widely used in pulmonology, therapeutic, oncological practice and thoracic surgery. The method is simple to perform, and its results describe in detail the picture of the disease. This allows to prescribe the most rational therapy in the shortest possible time. Ultrasound is harmless and can be performed to any category of patients an unlimited number of times.

The essence of the procedure

Lung ultrasound is a meaningful and quick method of diagnosing the following conditions:

  • atelectasis (collapse) of the lungs – the decline of the alveolar walls;
  • hydrothorax – exudate in the pleural cavity;
  • neoplasms in the lungs, metastases;
  • parasitic invasion (ascariasis);
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery;
  • pneumonia, lung abscess;
  • specific infections (tuberculosis);
  • pneumothorax, hemothorax;
  • empyema of the pleura, pleurisy, etc.

During the pandemic period, ultrasound of the lungs is relevant for the diagnosis of COVID-associated pneumonia. On the basis of a number of signs (thickening of the pleural membrane along the B-line, the appearance of subpleural foci and other characteristic changes), an experienced specialist can distinguish the disease from other pathologies.


Ultrasound of the lungs and pleura is prescribed in case of:

  • complaints of chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath;
  • prolonged cough (more than 3 weeks) with sputum or hemoptysis;
  • pleural effusion syndrome, manifested by bronchial respiration and crepitation;
  • suspected pneumonia of any origin;
  • diagnosis of occupational lung diseases (pneumonitis, pneumofibrosis);
  • suspected tumours and metastases in the lungs;
  • contraindications to other diagnostic methods (radiography, CT).


The respiratory system is not connected to the digestive system, so diet is not required before the examination. If the patient suffers from a severe cough or thick sputum, a few hours before the examination it is recommended to take expectorant prescribed by a doctor.

How it is performed

The examination is performed according to a standard protocol and takes 10-20 minutes. The patient undresses to the waist and sits on the couch. If necessary, he is asked to change the position of the body to improve the visibility of the body. The examined areas (back and chest) are lubricated with silicone gel. The diagnostician guides the sensor over the body and examines the image visualized on the monitor. The data are put down in the protocol, the conclusion is issued.

After each patient, all sensors and surfaces are treated with disinfectant solutions.

Lung ultrasound in Viasan: benefits

Why at us?

  • licensed medical centre;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • professional equipment;
  • qualified doctors-diagnosticians.
  • without queues, instant issuance of an opinion.
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