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Elastography in Ternopil: Viasan, ultrasound of the new generation

Elastography is a modern technique of ultrasound diagnosis, which allows making the correct diagnosis, even in cases where other methods are powerless. Numerical values and colour rendering confirm scanning accuracy. The examination is convenient for the patient, has a wide range of medical appointments and a high percentage of clinical reliability. In our centre, ultrasonic elastography is performed on a premium device Logiq P9 from General Electric.

New generation ultrasound. Viasan, Ternopil. Identify the disease at the very beginning!

The essence of the procedure

Elastography is based on the peculiarities of tissue elasticity. Different tissues of our body differ in the coefficient of elasticity and are able to reflect sound waves in different ways. This property is widely used in the diagnosis of cancer. Healthy tissues have high elasticity. At malignant process this parameter decreases, they become more rigid.

Visualization of inhomogeneity occurs with the help of ultrasonic waves and a small mechanical compression (when pressed or vibrated). The ultrasonic beam, which generates a special sensor, is projected on the tissues of the examined organs and determines their elasticity. The computer program processes the received data and displays a picture in the form of an elastogram on the screen.

The degree of rigidity indicates the nature of the process (malignant or benign), which is shown on the ultrasound screen of the device by a given colour. Healthy tissue is coloured in green while cancer is indicated by blue colour.


Ultrasound elastography assesses the condition of superficial or deep tissues and organs as "benign or malignant".

It divides patients by the nature of tumors into 2 groups: those who need or do not need a biopsy.

If liver puncture is necessary, elastography determines the desired location of biomaterial collection to the nearest millimetre.

Shear wave elastography is a diagnosis of deep organs (spleen, liver, pancreas, pelvic organs).

Compression elastography is the examination of tissues and organs located close to the surface of the skin (lymph nodes, mammary glands, seminal glands, thyroid gland).

Diagnosis without such a study as elastography, in most clinical cases is a ‘blind movement’.


Preparation is the same as the one for ordinary ultrasound. The day before the examination, you should exclude from the diet foods that increase flatulence, and give up breakfast. The examination takes up to 20 minutes, and its results are the starting point for proper treatment.

How it is performed

By a doctor in the ultrasound diagnostics room. The patient is placed on the couch, exposing the examined part of the body. A gel conductor is applied to the examined area to improve contact. Next, it is scanned with a sensor, which is moved by the body lightly pressing the skin. Information from the sensor is transmitted to the screen as colour images and digital parameters. The results are processed, a conclusion is made about the state of elasticity of the examined organ, and the presence or absence of harden parts.

Benefits of Viasan

The most advanced ultrasound diagnostics on the Logiq P9 ultrasound scanner, General Electric, is now available to the citizens of Ternopil! At your service:

  • Licensed modern medical centre.
  • Qualified diagnosticians.
  • Extensive coverage of clinical use.
  • Possibility of complex inspection.
  • Compression elastography (one anatomical site) 400.00 uah Make order
    Shear wave elastography (one anatomical site) 500.00 uah Make order
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