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Ultrasound of mammary glands

Ultrasound of mammary glands in Ternopil: Viasan

Ultrasound is the most important and affordable method of diagnosing breast health. It allows to study the organ down to the smallest detail, including the surrounding lymph nodes, to examine gland tissue, mammary ducts, nipple area, skin and subcutaneous tissue. With the help of ultrasound, various pathologies of the breast are diagnosed, such as cysts, mastopathy, inflammation (mastitis), tumours of various etiology, as well as cancer. Ultrasound of mammary glands is a necessary examination for all the women, starting from reproductive age.

The essence of the procedure

Ultrasound examination of the mammary glands is intended to diagnose pathologies when there are relevant complaints, as well as a preventive procedure. Under the control of ultrasound, collection of biomaterial (biopsy) for histological analysis in the detection of suspicious tumours is made. During the scan, a mandatory examination of regional lymph nodes is performed.

Ultrasound is mostly a decent alternative to mammography because:

  • it is absolutely safe, has no contraindications;
  • it provides complete information on the condition of all mammary glands structures;
  • it is easy to perform, fast, requires no preparation;
  • it can be prescribed to pregnant women and during lactation;
  • it is often more informative than mammography (especially when examining young women whose glands have predominantly glandular tissue).

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Indications for ultrasound:

  • any complaints from the mammary glands (pain, asymmetry, swelling, hardening, discharge from the nipples);
  • change in the shape, size, contours, colour and condition of the skin on the breast;
  • the need to diagnose men’s mammary glands in the presence of such complaints (for example, gynecomastia);
  • diagnosis of breast health during pregnancy planning, for pregnant women, during lactation;
  • verification of tumours detected independently, by a doctor or accidentally during other studies (chest radiography, mammography);
  • breast health assessment after injury, breast implant surgery or inflammation (mastitis);
  • when enlarged lymph nodes (axillary, supraclavicular and subclavian) are detected;
  • monitoring the dynamics of hormonal dysfunctions treatment (diffuse forms of mastopathy).


Not required. Ultrasound of the mammary glands can be done any day. The exception is the diagnosis of mastopathy. In this case, the study is done on the fourth – eighth day of menstruation. This gives a more objective result. In the presence in the glands or armpits of pain or tumours that can be detected by palpation, ultrasound is performed on any day of the cycle.

How it is performed

The examination takes half an hour and is not inconvenient. The patient only undresses to the waist, lies on the couch, throws her hand behind her head. A hydrogel is applied to the examined area to improve sliding. The doctor-diagnostician smoothly moves the sensor on the area, ultrasonic waves penetrate into the tissues of the body at different angles and are visualized as a picture on the screen of the device. According to the received data, the conclusion is made.

Ultrasound in Viasan, advantages:

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