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Abdomen laser hair removal

Dynamic abdomen laser hair removal in Ternopil

Hair growth on the abdomen causes a lot of trouble for women, especially in summer. The most problematic area is the linea alba of the abdomen, where hair can grow even in the owners of a super-flat tummy. Women solve this problem in different ways: some of them remove hair with tweezers, some use sugaring or waxing; others prefer depilatory cream or simply cover the problem areas with high-rise underwear. Smart women choose laser hair removal for the abdomen. In Ternopil, this procedure can be performed at the Viasan Medical Centre.

laser hair removal ternopil

What is the procedure of laser hair removal

A specialist with higher medical education performs abdomen laser hair removal in our medical centre.

The linea alba area (from the navel to the pubis) is treated the most often. The procedure takes place in 3 stages:

1. Preliminary check-up

At the first visit, the skin on the abdomen is examined and the areas that will be exposed to the laser are determined. Specialist checks if there are any tumours and damages on the skin (warts, papillomas, cuts, hematomas, etc.). The phototype of the patient's skin is determined in order to select the individual parameters of the laser flash. The presence of contraindications is found out. Trial testing is performed to determine the skin's response to laser action. If necessary, the parameters are adjusted.

2. Laser hair removal for the abdomen

The procedure of laser hair removal for the abdomen lasts about 5 minutes. The patient is placed on a couch, lying on his back. The area of ​​action is lubricated with a special gel-conductor, which improves the sliding of the laser nozzle. The procedure is painless; the beam does not burn the skin and does not leave any traces on it.

3. Rehabilitation

Our medical centre practices progressive dynamic hair removal on the Motus AY device using the revolutionary Moveo technology. It eliminates the possibility of side effects such as burns, irritation and ingrown hairs. The procedure is performed with an alexandrite laser with a sapphire cylindrical tip (manual unit). Therefore, there is no rehabilitation after laser hair removal, which is convenient for the patient. After removing hair anywhere and lubricating the skin with regenerating cream, a person returns to the usual rhythm of life.

Preparation for the abdomen laser hair removal

For maximum effect, the skin should be healthy and clean before the session.

It is also recommended:

  • to shave the hair on the abdomen 2 days before, so that at the time of the procedure its length was 1-2 mm;
  • not to lubricate the treated area with creams, oils and alcohol solutions;
  • to give up tanning and visiting the solarium;
  • women are recommended to undergo the laser hair removal procedure in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

The result after dynamic abdomen laser hair removal

The result is obvious immediately after the first session. The skin becomes smooth and silky. In rare cases, there is only a slight redness, which disappears almost immediately.

Complete expulsion of hair from the damaged follicle will begin in 15-20 days, so it is desirable to repeat the procedure in 2-3 weeks. To achieve the perfect skin effect, all single hairs that were in the sleep phase during the previous epilation session are removed. Usually this requires 6-10 sessions with an interval of 1.5-2.5 months.

Advantages of laser hair removal for the abdomen at the Viasan Medical Centre

  • professional certified equipment;
  • high level of specialists’ qualification;
  • many years of experience of each specialist;
  • innovative advanced technologies;
  • individual approach to each patient.

Laser hair removal for the abdomen, Viasan Medical Centre, Ternopil. Suitable for everyone!

Not painful, safe, effective. Guarantee!

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    Laser epilation of the abdomen completely 750.00 uah Make order
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