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Neurosonography in Ternopil: Viasan, ultrasound for children

Neurosonography is an ultrasound examination of the brain for new-borns. It is an informative diagnostic method that detects congenital or acquired pathologies in the first months of child’s life. It is included in the list of necessary diagnoses and is performed 1-1.5 months after birth. It is in the first year of life that the consequences of most problems caused by injuries during childbirth, prematurity, hypoxia, etc. are corrected. This will save the child from neurological problems in future.

Neurosonography is a responsible diagnosis that must be performed on quality equipment by a competent specialist. Diagnostic error is not allowed here.

Where to pass neurosonography in Ternopil?

In the Viasan Medical Centre, street Medova, 12.

Logiq P9 premium scanner from General Electric.

The essence of the procedure

In paediatric practice, ‘neurosonography through the fontanelle’ is used. This is a scanning of the brain through the unboned area of ​​the baby's skull, the fontanelle (‘soft spot’). Less commonly, the examination takes place through the lateral temples or large occipital foramen.

Transcranial neurosonography is an examination through the skull bones available to adult patients. Combination studies (transcranial-transfontanellar) sometimes are performed. This option is highly accurate and reduces the risk of diagnostic errors.

Neurosonography of new-borns is performed to determine conditions of different parts, such as:

  • brain;
  • spinal cord;
  • vessels;
  • skull bones;
  • scalp;
  • spine.

Ultrasound can detect:

  • cysts (arachnoid, subependymal);
  • defects of bone and soft tissues;
  • tumours of different genesis.

A neonatologist in the hospital or a pediatrician usually authorizes the appointment of an ultrasound of the brain in the first month of life. Then neurosonography can be performed as clinically required at 3 and 6 months.


There are many indications for neurosomatography. This examination is prescribed in the case of:

  • birth trauma;
  • intrauterine hypoxia;
  • prematurity, postmaturity;
  • intrauterine infection;
  • congenital and acquired head defects;
  • throwing the head, bending the back and more.

Ultrasound is harmless, there is no radiation exposure, this medical diagnosis can be performed for children an unlimited number of times.

Safe neurosonography has replaced dangerous MRI and has become a real ‘lifeline’ for neonatologists.


There is no preparation. The examination can be performed for children in their sleep or wakefulness. Babies sometimes cry during the procedure, but this reaction is associated only with fear or the presence of a stranger. To make the baby calmer, it should be fed before diagnosis.

How it is performed

The area of ​​the head at the site of the fontanelle is lubricated with a safe gel. It improves the transmission of ultrasonic waves and increases the accuracy of diagnosis. For 10-20 minutes, the doctor will move the sensor on the baby's head, conducting examination in different sections. The program analyses the reflected waves and visualizes the image on the monitor screen. The contours of brain structures are studied, measurements are made, which are recorded in a medical protocol. On their basis, the diagnosis is made.

Neurosonography at Viasan: benefits

Accurate diagnosis is not for amateurs. Only the best is at your service:

  • Licensed modern medical centre.
  • Professional premium equipment.
  • Doctors of the highest category.
  • No queues, pre-registration.
  • Instant issuance of a medical report.
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