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Laser hair removal for the intimate parts

Laser hair removal for the intimate parts in Ternopil

Laser hair removal for the intimate parts is a procedure that is in demand not only during the beach season. More and more women and men are trying to keep their delicate body parts perfectly smooth for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. The skin in such places is particularly sensitive, capricious and poorly tolerates tweezers, razor or wax. You can effectively remove hair here only with alexandrite laser. It is better to entrust such delicate procedure to the checked masters.

Dynamic laser hair removal for the intimate area. Viasan, Ternopil.

Professional laser Motus AY, MOVEO technology.

Remove unwanted hair quickly, painlessly, forever.

Intimate hair removal is the removal of unwanted hair in delicate parts of the body. There are such areas to be treated:

1. Classic bikini is performed along the line of panties.

2. Deep bikini requires pubis, labia, folds between the buttocks to be processed.

3. Total (extra bikini) is hair removal on all intimate areas, including the perineum and anus.

What is the procedure of laser hair removal for the intimate parts

Professionalism, a delicate approach and, above all, security. The procedure is performed using the best technology and certified equipment, within the walls of a licensed medical centre, so the fear that something will go wrong is completely unfounded. The specialist works in gloves with disposable materials, the room is disinfected and quartzed.

The procedure takes place in 3 stages:

1. Consultation

During the consultation, the client's wishes are clarified, the condition of the skin of the areas that will be treated with laser is carefully examined. Specialists determine if there are any contraindications, which include:

  • pregnancy, breastfeeding;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent);
  • skin diseases of various origins;
  • infections, including STIs.

The phototype of the patient's skin is determined; the parameters of laser radiation are adjusted. Trial testing is made.

2. The procedure itself

The most popular area for hair removal is a deep bikini. Hair is removed along the line of panties: from the pubis, buttocks and folds between them. For most women, this option is most optimal if the client is not ready to do a deeper procedure. This is something between a classic bikini and an extra one, when the labia, folds between the buttocks and the entire perineum are treated.

Before the session, the master applies a gel conductor. The patient is placed comfortably on the couch, wearing goggles. The necessary parameters of laser influence are adjusted.

3. Rehabilitation

Our medical centre practices progressive dynamic laser hair removal using the innovative MOVEO technology, which completely eliminates the pain of such a delicate procedure and nullifies the rehabilitation period. After the session, the skin in the treated area is only lubricated with a regenerating agent.

How to prepare for the procedure of laser hair removal

Preparation is the same as for epilation of any other area, but has its nuances connected with these parts of the body. They must be healthy and clean. A few days before the session, they should be carefully shaved with a razor. To minimize the occurrence of pain, you should not plan a trip to the laser room during menstruation, when women’s threshold of pain sensitivity increases.

The result after laser hair removal

On average, an experienced master needs about 30 minutes to process a deep bikini; a classic bikini takes half as long. The effect is noticeable immediately after the first session. Complete hair loss requires 6-8 sessions to remove hair that was in the sleeping phase during previous sessions.

Egyptian women are considered to be the founders of intimate hair removal. Queen Cleopatra issued the decree that banned to have hair on the body anywhere but the head. The procedure was extremely painful. Women shaved intimate parts with a sharp object, a stone or a shell.

Dynamic laser hair removal for intimate parts. Viasan Medical Center. Painless, fast and long lasting. Love your body. Feel like a queen!

Advantages of Moveo

In Viasan, such a delicate procedure is performed on a high-speed alexandrite laser using the unique Moveo technology. Device for laser hair removal MOTUS AY by the company DEKA is the only laser that has successfully combined 3 effective parameters:

1) high peak power (over 6000 W);

2) absorption of melanin (wavelength 755 nm);

3) the ability to use a minimum long pulse (up to 2 μs).

As a result, laser hair removal on such a device always has an excellent result regardless of the colour and texture of hair and skin.

  • Absolute elimination of side effects. No redness and accidental burns!
  • Possibility of individual parameters adjustment for any skin phototype.
  • Painless, pleasant tactile sensations and comfort during the session.
  • Record speed: the area of ​​skin 10*10 cm is processed in 10-20 seconds!
  • Possibility to tan before and after hair removal without any side effects.
  • A pleasant bonus from MOVEO: it removes not only unwanted hair, but also pigment spots.
  • Laser epilation of breasts (areolas of the nipples) 300.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the breast (collar zone) 500.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the breast completely 600.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the bikini zone (classic) 700.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the bikini area (deep) 1000.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the buttocks (inter-buttock fold) 500.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the buttocks completely 800.00 uah Make order
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