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Laser hair removal for the back

Laser hair removal for the back in Ternopil

Laser hair removal for the back and chest is becoming increasingly popular. Both men and women use it for aesthetic purposes. The procedure is in demand among members of public professions, for whom a well-groomed body is necessary, as well as among people who simply care about attractiveness and hygiene. After all, excessive hair growth on the back, in addition to aesthetic problems, provokes hyperhidrosis, folliculitis, acne and other ‘skin troubles’.

Tired of hair on your back? Don't know what to do with it?

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Get rid of unwanted hair quickly, forever and without pain!

The back area is quite large and cannot be treated without assistance. Mechanical methods of hair removal on big areas are irrelevant, razors, sugaring and wax strips are in the past. It is troublesome, painful and short-lived. In time, the hair will grow again.

In this case, the only correct solution is dynamic laser hair removal for the back on the Motus AY device. In Ternopil, the procedure can be performed at the Viasan Clinic.

What is the procedure of laser hair removal

1. Consultation of a specialist

The initial visit to the laser hair removal office begins with an examination of the skin that will be exposed to the laser. The specialist must be convinced of the absence of absolute contraindications.

The skin is carefully examined, its phototype and hair structure are determined. The parameters of laser exposure are selected individually. Testing is performed, which consists in assessing the reaction of the skin after a test flash.

2. Back laser hair removal

Back hair removal in our centre is performed using Moveo technology, which is suitable for all skin phototypes and hair structure.

Laser hair removal for the back is conventionally divided into zones:

  1. Upper back.
  2. Sacrum area.
  3. Shoulders.
  4. Buttocks.
  5. Lumbar region.
  6. The whole back.

The most popular combination: shoulders + upper back. After hair removal in these places, the body looks well-groomed, neat and attractive. The back, sacrum and shoulders are the most difficult areas for laser hair removal. Therefore, if you are going to remove hair in these places, trust the qualified masters of a licensed medical centre.

Dynamic laser hair removal for the back, Viasan, Ternopil, – a guarantee of smooth skin!

How it goes. When removing hair, the specialist and the client put on goggles to protect their eyes from laser radiation.

The patient is comfortably settled on a couch in a back-up position. A gel conductor is applied to the area of ​​skin intended to laser exposure. This is necessary to improve the sliding of the laser nozzle. Then the skin is treated several times with the manipulator of the device, centimetre by centimetre. At the end of the procedure, a cream that regenerates cells is applied to the skin.

3. Rehabilitation

There is no rehabilitation period after dynamic laser hair removal for the back. After visiting the laser room, the patient returns to normal life.

How to prepare for the laser hair removal

Preparation for dynamic laser hair removal for the back is minimal. It is necessary:

1. To shave the hair on the back with a razor 1-2 days before the procedure.

2. Not to apply any cosmetic oils, ointments or alcohol solutions to the treated skin 2 days before epilation.

3. To refrain from active tanning 3 days before the procedure.

The result after laser hair removal for the back

The result is obvious after the first session. The skin on the back becomes smoother and the torso looks more spectacular. In addition, hair removal, which is often the cause of inflammation of the skin, heals the skin itself. Abscesses, acne and other rashes disappear.

To completely get rid of excess hair on the back only 6-10 sessions are needed. For dark-haired people and patients with less hair, this period is much shorter. The recommended interval between primary laser hair removal sessions is 1 month. Next, single hairs that were in the ‘sleeping’ phase during the previous session must be removed. It can be done no more than once every 2-2.5 months.

Dynamic laser hair removal for the back using MOVEO 

Getting rid of annoying hair on the back at home is difficult. Thus, there are specialized laser hair removal rooms. In our medical centre, this procedure is performed on a professional Motus AY device using the revolutionary MOVEO technology.

Extensive capabilities of advanced laser equipment and an innovative approach allow you to remove hair of different textures on any part of the body, even on the most sensitive skin. Effectively. Quickly. Painless.

A modern alexandrite laser with a sapphire tip and a cooling system is used to remove back hair, which is today deservedly recognized as the most effective, safest and most comfortable for epilation.

MOVEO technology guarantees your comfort:

  • suitable for all phototypes of skin and hair of different textures;
  • convenient and easy to use;
  • painlessness, lack of rehabilitation;
  • record speed – epilation in motion.

New Motus AY (with MOVEO technology) equipment of Viasan Medical Centre, Ternopil, has all permits and regulations in Ukraine.

  • Laser epilation of the back (sacral area) 600.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the back (lower back) 700.00 uah Make order
    Laser epilation of the back completely 1200.00 uah Make order
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