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Treatment of haemorrhoids with latex rings

Treatment of haemorrhoids with latex rings in Ternopil

Haemorrhoids is a disease associated with the expansion of the veins of the lower part of the rectum with the formation of haemorrhoidal nodes (internally and/or externally). Pathologically changed nodes can become inflamed, fall out and become pinched. It develops gradually, in the absence of treatment it progresses steadily, leading to dangerous complications, such as thrombosis and necrosis of the haemorrhoidal node, as well as chronic bleeding, which is often the cause of severe anaemia.

Removal of internal haemorrhoids is usually the only effective treatment. Thanks to advanced medical technology, it is now possible to perform this without the scalpel, using a bloodless method of ligation of haemorrhoids with latex rings.

Treatment of haemorrhoids with latex rings in Ternopil,

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The essence of latex ligation

The method consists in putting an elastic latex ring on the haemorrhoidal node with the help of a vacuum or mechanical ligator. The latex ring stretches, drapes over the knot itself, tightly compresses the pedicle of the knot, cutting off blood flow to it. The knot, left without blood supply, separates independently in the form of a dry residue together with the ring on the 4-7th day and later comes out during the act of defecation.

The site of the former node is replaced by connective tissue, healing takes place quickly, without the formation of scars. Competent and carefully performed ligation, subject to compliance with all medical recommendations, ends successfully and without complications in 85% of cases.

In this case, the choice of a clinic and qualifications of the specialist who is to perform the procedure are of great importance.

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Advantages of ligation:

An effective, simple and quick procedure with a high percentage of no relapses. 8 out of 10 patients forget about the ‘inconvenient disease’ and return to normal life. This method is widely used in global proctological practice for the treatment of internal haemorrhoids, as well as to stop bleeding from internal nodes.

  • is performed on an outpatient basis, does not require hospitalization;
  • minimally invasive intervention, without a scalpel;
  • painless, no need for anaesthesia;
  • minimal trauma, quick healing;
  • the preparation frees the patient from starvation;
  • is carried out in an average of 20 minutes, a short period of rehabilitation;
  • there is no need for a sick leave.

What is a ligator?

It is a miniature medical proctology tool made of stainless steel for applying latex rings to haemorrhoids. It is used simultaneously with the operating anoscope. Progressive clinics use vacuum ligatures that do not require traumatic clamping and are more convenient for the surgeon.

How is it going?

The procedure is performed in the proctology office of a licensed clinic by a proctology surgeon.

1. The patient is lying on his/her back or side with the legs pulled up to the stomach.

2. An anoscope is inserted through the patient's anus.

3. The ligator is brought to the haemorrhoidal node. Through a small hole, the unit is pulled inside the device. For this, the necessary negative pressure (0.75-0.8 atmospheres) is formed. A latex ring with an inner diameter of 1 mm is placed over the knot, which blocks the blood flow.

4. The patient can go home. For 2-3 hours after the procedure, a moderate feeling of pressure is possible. Painkillers can be taken.


Internal haemorrhoids of the 2nd-3rd stage.

Bleeding from an internal haemorrhoidal node.


  • fissures, fistulas of the anus;
  • external haemorrhoids;
  • complicated forms;
  • paraproctitis;
  • disease of the large intestine;
  • pregnancy.

In these cases, alternative methods or postponement of the procedure are used.


Cleansing the intestine on the eve of the manipulation.

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