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Audiometry in Ternopil for adults and children: Viasan Medical Centre

Audiometry is a functional diagnosis of hearing acuity using a device (audiometer) that generates sound signals of different frequencies and volumes. It determines the hearing threshold with high accuracy, allows to diagnose hearing loss in the early stages. The results of audiometry are important for hearing aids. It has no contraindications, meets all categories of patients, including the youngest ones.

Early detection of deafness and timely taking measures to eliminate it is a necessary condition for adequate development of the child's speech apparatus, its social adaptation, improving the quality of life for children and adults.

Is your child deaf? Does he speak badly? Need a hearing aid?

Test your hearing. Perform audiometry in Ternopil at Viasan Medical Centre.

A referral from a doctor is optional.

The essence of audiometry

Hearing loss is a problem that complicates human life. Mostly, it can be successfully solved with hearing aids. Proper selection of hearing aids is impossible without determining the cause of deafness and the degree of hearing loss. To do this, use audiometry as a functional diagnosis of hearing. Depending on the sound material and methods, it can be:

  • tonal;
  • lingual;
  • threshold;
  • above the threshold;
  • playing, etc.

Tonal threshold audiometry is designed to determine the degree of deafness and selection of hearing aids. It determines the thresholds of audibility – the sounds of the lowest intensity perceived by the human ear at different frequencies (125 -8000 Hz). The result of audiometry is a graphical representation of the auditory thresholds (audiogram). The study is performed using an electric generator of sounds (tones) transmitted through the air or bone.

Audiometry determines how sounds in the 250 -8000 Hz range are perceived. This is an important range, because human speech has a frequency of 200 Hz -6000 Hz. To check children’s hearing thresholds, the choice of audiometric method is determined by the age of a child (behavioural, playing, lingual).

If a child's hearing loss is detected, the hearing aid should be performed as soon as possible. For congenital it is necessary to do in the first 6 months. Only under this condition the sensory nerve pathways and centres will be able to develop adequately.


Audiometry is prescribed in case of:

  • recurrent otitis for children and adults;
  • diseases accompanied by hearing loss;
  • impaired language development for children from 2 years;
  • pathology with damage to the auditory nerves or brain centres;
  • injuries of the head, ears, which led to hearing loss;
  • hearing loss after taking medicines;
  • working in the area of ​​increased noise and risk of occupational diseases;
  • cochleovestibular syndrome, Meniere's disease, vestibular disorders;
  • when selecting a hearing aid for adults and children is provided.


Not required. Diagnosis is performed after examination by an otolaryngologist and elimination of mechanical causes of deafness (sulphur plugs).

The course of the procedure

The procedure takes place in a special soundproof room. The patient wears headphones to which the sound signal is sent. In response to the sound heard, the patient presses the message button. The data are entered into a special map with horizontal and vertical axes in the form of curves for each ear: red - for the right one, blue - for the left one. The procedure is performed with bone and air sound conduction. The frequency of the tone in hertz is recorded horizontally, the intensity in decibels relative to the norm of hearing thresholds – vertically.

A graph (audiogram) is constructed, which allows to make a conclusion about the nature and level of hearing impairments, to identify features of certain frequencies perception. Air conduction of sound is indicated by a solid line, the bone one – by a dotted line. The right ear is denoted (O), the left one – (X). Duration of audiometry is 30 minutes.

Audiometry in Viasan: advantages

  • Specialists of the highest qualification.
  • Audiometer ITERA OTOMETRICS (Denmark) with a unique function of simulating a hearing aid.
  • High-precision diagnostics required for quality hearing aids.
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT) consultation, primary 500.00 uah Make order
    Otolaryngologist (ENT) consultation, repeated 400.00 uah Make order
    Audiometry 300.00 uah Make order
    Tympanometry 200.00 uah Make order
    Video endoscopic examination of the ENT organ 400.00 uah Make order
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