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Ultrasound of lymph nodes

Ultrasound of lymph nodes in Ternopil: Viasan Medical Centre

Lymph node ultrasound is a highly informative diagnostic method that allows to detect the smallest structural changes in lymphoid tissue. Lymph nodes are a responsible part of the peripheral immune system, the body's biological filter. Lymph node enlargement is an important diagnostic feature of a number of pathologies.

Deviations from the norm of any indicator can signalise a disease. It can be inflammatory, autoimmune, malignant, blood diseases etc. Only an experienced diagnostician can find out the causes of some lymphadenopathy. In our clinic doctors of expert level carry out such research.

Ultrasound of lymph nodes in Ternopil. Viasan Medical Centre. Modern Logiq P9 device from General Electric (USA). High-precision diagnostics, instant result.

The essence of the procedure

Ultrasound evaluates the condition of lymph nodes by many parameters such as amount, location, shape, size, structure, contours, consistency, echogenicity, nature of blood flow, the ratio of nodes with adjacent organs and tissues (fusion) etc.

Ultrasound examination of lymph nodes is harmless and widely used in pediatrics. The child's lymphatic system reacts more acutely to viral and infectious agents. Since lymph node enlargement can occur against the background of any pathology, their examination is usually performed in combination with ultrasound of the diseased organ.


In the body of an adult, there are more than 500 lymph nodes located throughout the body. With the help of ultrasound, such important for the diagnosis lymph nodes can be examined:

  • cervical;
  • ear;
  • occipital;
  • submandibular;
  • axillary;
  • abdominal;
  • popliteal;
  • inguinal.

Ultrasound of lymph nodes is prescribed in the case of:

  • their increase and pain on palpation;
  • pain in the neck, head and abdominal area;
  • fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite;
  • low-grade fever of unclear etiology;
  • chronic diseases of the hematopoietic system;
  • weight loss for no apparent reason, etc.

Ultrasound of lymph nodes allows to diagnose:

  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • immunodeficiency states;
  • viral, bacterial, fungal infections;
  • malignant processes;
  • lymph node abscess, etc.


Preliminary preparation is required only when examining the lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity. 3 days before the diagnosis, the products that promote gas formation are excluded from the diet. In other cases, no special preparation is required.

How it is performed

Diagnosis takes maximum 20 minutes. The patient lies on the couch. If examining areas of the body are covered with clothes (armpits, peritoneum, groin), the patient is asked to undress. The skin at the point of contact with the sensor is lubricated with a gel to improve slippage. The sensor is smoothly moved over the body in the area of ​​the lymph nodes. The data is visualized on the monitor of the device in the form of images and digital parameters. The results are put down to the protocol, the conclusion is issued.

Ultrasound of lymph nodes in Viasan: benefits

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