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Spirometry in Ternopil: adults and children, Viasan Medical Centre

Spirometry is an indispensable diagnosis of the functional state of the respiratory organs, which is widely used in therapy, pulmonology, and cardiology. It allows to obtain important indicators that describe in detail the ventilation of the lungs. It consists of measuring the volumetric and velocity parameters of the respiratory process. It is prescribed to determine bronchopulmonary pathologies, dynamic monitoring of the disease and as a mandatory preventive screening.


Spirometry in Ternopil, Viasan Medical Centre.

For adults and children. Modern spirometer MIR Spirobank (Italy).

Accurate diagnosis in a modern clinic.

The essence of the examination

Spirography is performed using a special medical device called a spirometer. This small portable device allows to assess the level of functioning of the bronchopulmonary system of adults and children over 5 years old. At this age, the child can already perform the manipulations required for proper diagnosis. It is carried out by means of several spirometry tests:

  • measurements of indicators at a quiet exhalation;
  • when forced – with effort;
  • determination of maximum ventilation indicators;
  • functional testing (provocative, with bronchodilators).

Estimated parameters:

  • Vital capacity of the lungs (VC) – the difference between the volumes of full inhalation / exhalation.
  • Respiratory volume (RV) – the volume of air during inhalation / exhalation at rest.
  • Forced VC, which characterizes the maximum possible exhalation. Corresponds to the difference between Max inhale and exhale at rest. Norm is 80% VC.
  • Reserve V of inhalation (RV inh). Maximum volume after inhalation at rest.
  • Reserve V of exhalation (RV exh). Maximum volume after exhalation at rest.
  • Residual air in the lungs after accelerated exhalation (RA).
  • Functional residual capacity (FRC) - volume after exhalation without effort. RV exh + GO.
  • Total lung capacity (TLC). VC + GО or FRC + RV inh.
  • Volumetric peak velocity (SPV). Characterizes the maximum air flow during exhalation.
  • Volume of forced exhalation for the first second of accelerated exhalation (VFE1). Indicator for determining the Tiffno index, a marker of airway patency. Corresponds to the VFE1/VC ratio. Normally not less than 75%.


Spirometry is prescribed to adults and young patients for diagnostic and preventive purposes. It must be performed for any bronchopulmonary pathology (COPD, emphysema, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchial asthma, etc.). The reason for spirography is the appearance of symptoms such as:

  • prolonged unproductive cough (after respiratory diseases);
  • auscultatory detection of hard breathing, wheezing above the surface of the lungs;
  • episodes of bronchospasm, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, heaviness in the chest;
  • the appearance of whistling or wheezing, difficulty exhaling or breathing.

The procedure enables:

  • to detect the slightest violation of airway patency, assess external respiration;
  • to verify bronchopulmonary pathology and severity of the disease;
  • to select adequate therapy, monitor its effectiveness.


It is held on an empty stomach. On the eve medicines that affect the state of the respiratory system are eliminated.

The course of the procedure

It is usually performed sitting down and takes 20-30 minutes. Indicators are taken from mouth breathing. To do this, the patient is put a nose clip on his nose to prevent air from entering through the nasal passages.

A disposable mouthpiece is attached to the device, which the patient tightly keeps with his lips. This is necessary to ensure better fixation of the volume and speed of air that will be inhaled and exhaled. Testing begins with the measurement at rest, and then the depth and technique will be changed at the request of the doctor. Spirometry can be performed several times: at rest, after exercise or taking bronchodilators.

Advantages of spironometry in Viasan:

  • modern medical centre;
  • professional diagnostics;
  • the best experienced specialists;
  • effective treatment programs;
  • no queues, quality service.
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