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Selection of contact lenses

Selection of contact lenses in Ternopil

The use of contact lenses is one of the most effective methods of vision correction. Thus, perhaps the most important point here is the selection of lenses taking into account a number of parameters. The patient will not be able to do this on his own. Just the usual conclusion with a diagnosis from previous visits is not enough to purchase lenses. Only with the help of special devices, an ophthalmologist can determine the parameters necessary for the prescription of lenses.

contact lenses ternopil

How contact lenses are selected?

Using an autorefractometer, the ophthalmologist must first measure the curvature of the eye cornea, which will allow to determine the size and basic curvature of the lenses for a particular patient. If this step is skipped, the selected lenses may even damage the cornea or simply cause discomfort in use.

The autorefractometer also determines the objective refraction of vision and the presence or absence of astigmatism.

In addition, the doctor should conduct a biomicroscopy and check the stability of the tear film.

If the patient's eyes are dry, the ophthalmologist may rule out the option of using contact lenses instead of glasses. In case of insufficient hydration, which, however, does not bother the patient, the specialist will prescribe moisturizing eye drops or special lenses that contain a moisturizing agent.

Biomicroscopy is performed using a biomicroscope – a slit lamp – and allows to check the general condition of the cornea, conjunctiva, eyelids (those areas that touch the lens) for damage and inflammation. If inflammatory processes, conjunctivitis, keratitis and other diseases are detected at this stage, the doctor will prescribe therapy, and the selection of contact lenses can be continued after the treatment.

If the previous stages did not reveal any contraindications, the patient can proceed to discuss the type of contact lenses and the mode of their replacement (daily, once a month, or once every 3 months).

Lens fitting

After all the data is collected, the fitting of trial lenses begins. The doctor will carefully put them on; after that, the patient has 10 minutes to get used to them. At this stage, again with the help of a slit lamp, you can check the mobility of the lenses and their fit on the eye. Visual acuity in contact lenses is also checked.

The patient is taught how to put on and take off the lenses correctly, as well as how to care of them and the eyes.

Only after that, the doctor can write a prescription for lenses, which will include the following data:

  • optical power in dioptres (Sph);
  • diameter (DIA);
  • base curvature (BC).

After selecting the lenses, another 2-4 visits to the ophthalmologist are necessary to make sure that there is no discomfort for the patient and no harmful effects of the lenses on the eyes.

Selection of contact lenses at the Viasan Medical Centre

Doctors of the Viasan Medical Centre in Ternopil carry out an individual selection of contact lenses using the most modern ophthalmic equipment as well as their many years of experience and high professionalism. We do everything to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

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