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Ultrasound of joints

Ultrasound of joints for adults in Ternopil: Viasan

Ultrasound of joints is a highly informative, simple and accessible diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system. Unlike X-rays, it allows to examine in more detail the entire joint, including bone, soft and cartilage tissue, the capsule of the joint. It is widely used in rheumatology, orthopedics and traumatology, especially for the visualization of complex fractures and dislocations, when it is impossible to visualize damaged tissues in other ways.

It is recommended as a safe preventive screening for patients older than 50 with musculoskeletal problems.

Ultrasound of the joints in Ternopil can be performed at the Viasan Medical Centre on a high-precision premium scanner Logiq P9 (USA).

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The essence of the procedure

Modern ultrasound scanners have a high level of visualization and can operate in three modes – 2D, 3D, 4D (Doppler). This allows to get the most informative 3D image and examine in detail even minor changes. Ultrasound is used:

To assess the condition of such joints:

  • elbow;
  • radial-carpal;
  • knee;
  • ankle;
  • shoulder;
  • maxillary.

To detect:

  • neoplasms;
  • inflammatory process;
  • hematomas, cysts;
  • ruptures, cracks;
  • dislocations, subdislocations;
  • pinching of nerves.

Ultrasound of joints or X-ray? X-ray shows only the bone structures of the joint, and information on the condition of muscles, ligaments, cartilage and joint bags, which can be a source of rheumatic diseases, is not available.

Sometimes a competent diagnosis requires a comparative analysis of both joints (right and left). X-ray has a high radiation load, so its purpose is limited. In this situation, ultrasound diagnostics has an undeniable advantage as more informative and safe.


Ultrasound examination is prescribed in case of joint pain, limited mobility, clicks, crackles, muscle pain, the appearance of tumours and swelling at the joint.

It is prescribed in case of:

  • injuries and bruises of the joints, accompanied by swelling, redness, pain, restricted movements;
  • pain and decreased joint mobility of unclear etiology;
  • suspected Becker's cyst (posterior hernia of the knee) or its rupture;
  • diagnosed rheumatoid and inflammatory diseases of the joints;
  • verification of tumours in the joint.

It allows to diagnose:

  • injuries of the joint apparatus resulting from injuries;
  • Becker's cyst, which in the initial stages has an asymptomatic course;
  • the presence of effusion (fluid) in the joint bag;
  • rheumatic pathologies accompanied by inflammation;
  • joint pain of various causes;
  • degenerative and dystrophic pathologies (destruction of articular cartilage, deformation of the meniscus);
  • osteochondropathy.


Is not required.

How it is performed

Joints have a complex structure; their diagnosis is performed in several projections. The position of the patient during the examination depends on which joint will be examined. The ultrasound screening process follows the standard scenario. The scan area is lubricated with gel; the diagnostician moves the sensor over the body in the projection of the joint and examines the image visualized on the screen of the device. The results are put down in the protocol. The conclusion is issued.

Ultrasound of joints in Viasan: benefits

In our centre, ultrasound diagnostics is performed on a modern device Logiq P9 (General Electric). At your service:

  • modern medical centre;
  • diagnosticians of expert level;
  • quality service, no queues.
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